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What benefits does the digital twin of a product offer?
25 May 2023
_ Online | 10:30h | 45 minutes

What benefits does the digital twin of a product offer?

Mikel Armendia | Coordinador Digitalización Equipos, Procesos y Componentes

Jon Larrea | Consultor Ingeniería 4.0 en Ibermática en Ayesa Company

Increasing operating efficiency, enhancing the agility and resilience of supply chains, upgrading decision making, reducing time to market, improving customer satisfaction… these are but a few of the benefits that the digital twin of a product can deliver.

In the case of manufacturers of industrial equipment and, more generally speaking, companies performing engineering-to-order, having a virtual development environment is an absolute must.

The ultimate goal does not only consist in generating the 3D model but also in using it to quickly analyse different design alternatives, perform calculations, analyses and simulations in addition to implementing and fine-tuning the control system and evaluating the product’s carbon footprint. So, what benefits does a digital twin offer? 

Don’t miss the webinar to be held on Thursday May 25th as you will learn more about what the 3DEXPERIENCE environment has to offer and how it can be complemented with specialised tools used to perform certain calculations and optimisations. 

  • Product-Process-Service digital twins
  • Product digital twin
  • Steps to achieve it
  • Benefits

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