Positive outcomes reported for the HSM and ISEM conferences organised by IK4-TEKNIKER

High-speed machining and electrochemical machining, the two key subject matters at HSM and ISEM

The 14th edition of HSM, the International Conference on High-Speed Machining, was held at the Kursaal Conference Centre in San Sebastian, whilst the 19th edition of the ISEM 2018 conference recently held in Bilbao addressed the latest trends in the field of electrochemical machining.

Last April, the IK4-TEKNIKER technology centre hosted two international conferences: HSM 2018 and ISEM 2018.

The challenges posed by Industry 4.0 and recent developments reported in the field of high-seed machining are discussed in San Sebastian.

The 14th edition of HSM 2018, the International Conference on High-Speed Machining held on April 17 and 18 at the Kursaal Conference Centre in San Sebastian, featured numerous experts in industrial processes who explained the challenges connected to Industry 4.0 and future manufacturing practices. There were more than 150 participants at the event from America, Asia and Europe.

Some of the subjects discussed were related to the impact of Industry 4.0 on cutting procedures, new technologies for high-performance and ultra-precision machining and the optimisation of manufacturing processes, among other disciplines.

The programme of technical presentations and lectures featured specialists from the field of machining such as the Director of the Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools of the Technical University of Darmstadt, Mr Eberhard Abele and the director of the SYMG-Shenyang Machine Tool group, Mr Ömer Sahin Ganiyusufuloglu.

IK4-TEKNIKER played a highly outstanding role in this programme of technical lectures. Specifically, the centre presented new systems for the design of stock removal technologies that use finite elements; latest trends in how to apply IoT technologies and cyberphysical systems to machine tools; the services offered by a component manufacturer called Goialde High Speed to the high-speed head sector and developments currently underway in cooperation with IK4-TEKNIKER; and, lastly, research actions focused on machining advanced materials, especially nickel and titanium-based alloys and hardened steel to be used in sectors such as industry, transport, power generation or biomedicine.

The ISEM 2018 conference held in Bilbao discussed the most recent trends connected to electrochemical machining.

The 19th edition of ISEM 2018 (the Conference on Electro Physical and Chemical Machining) was held at the UPV/EHU Auditorium (Bizkaia Aretoa) from 23 - 27 and discussions addressed a number of recent trends and the most technologically advanced solutions currently available in the fields of electroeorosion and electrochemical machining.

These issues were discussed by leading international experts in latest generation electromechanical and machining processes who participated in this event together with more than 200 participants mainly from Europe and Asia.

The programme of lectures, with more than 100 technical papers, featured outstanding specialists in the development and application of cutting-edge technologies to electro-physical and electrochemical machining such as Dr. Xabier MAIDAGAN chairman of the conference, Professor Masanori Kunieda (University of Tokyo, Department of Precision Engineering) or professor Luis Norberto López De Lacalle (UPV/EHU), among others.

As regards lectures, IK4-TEKNIKER's participation featured researchers Manu Goiogana, Joseba Pujana and Iker Garmendia. All three focused on ultrasound-assisted electrical discharge machining, height control during laser metal deposition and covered studies connected to geometric constraints associated with the manufacture of metallic parts by means of laser welding (LMD).

To close the conference, participants visited the IK4-TEKNIKER facilities in Eibar and the Advanced Aeronautical Manufacturing Centre located in the Zamudio Technology Park.