HSM 2012 Congress //
Innovation in Machining

9th International Conference on High Speed Machining
7-8 March 2012
Donostia-San Sebastián

IK4-TEKNIKER organizes the ninth edition of "High Speed Machining" International Conference.

IK4-TEKNIKER organizes the 9th International Conference on High Speed Machining (HSM), this edition subtitled: "Innovation in Machining", on March 7 and 8th 2012. The Kursaal Palace (San Sebastián, Spain) will be the venue for the congress.

HSM is a joined initiative of the PTW Institute of the Technical University of Darmstadt, the Research Centre of Manufacturing Technology (RCMT, CTU) of Prague, the National University of Aeronautics and Astronautics of Nanjing, the (PM)2 of Metz and IK4-TEKNIKER. The congress is sponsored by CIRP.

Main topics will be:

  • Tribology of cutting, tool wear. Cutting tools and coatings.
  • Minimal quantity lubrication, dry cutting, ecological machining. Economical aspects of HSM. Health and environmental aspects in machining. Sustainable machining.
  • Cutting vibration, prediction of stable cutting conditions.
  • Machinability. Advanced materials.
  • High performance machining, hard material cutting. Combined processes, cutting operations. Optimisation of cutting conditions. Knowledge management and technological data in manufacturing processes, artificial intelligence, expert systems.
  • Workpiece quality.
  • High performance machine tool, components design and mechatronic solutions.
  • Productivity improvement in machining tools and dies.
  • Monitoring and control, process supervision.
  • CAD/CAM, process planning, tool path generation, CNC/DNC.

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