A bunker for high-risk testing

A space equipped with high-safety insulation for destructive testing

Did you know that IK4-TEKNIKER owns the Basque Country’s only bunker used for high-risk testing?

The IK4-TEKNIKER facilities offer something that nobody else can provide in the Basque Country, a specially designed bunker where hazardous tests can be run, a feature that allows researchers to extend the scope of their technological innovations.

This enclosure is one of the technology centre’s most ambitious facilities as it is equipped with safety insulation provided by highly reinforced concrete walls and roofing to guarantee high levels of resistance.

The installation has been built to run tests such as high-speed rotor balancing, rotor dynamic trials, destructive tests involving inertia hand wheels or set-up controls for test benches used for special tests.

The equipment provides total safety for technical staff whilst examining these designs and machines.

Thanks to the nature of these facilities, IK4-TEKNIKER offers projects that can be directly applied by the industry.

The facilities measure 4500 x 7000 x 3200 and offer the option of high speed balancing of heavy-duty machinery.

The bunker is protected by walls that provide safety insulation and by a one-metre thick lid operated by a hydraulic drive system.

The School of Civil Engineering of Madrid has certified that the bunker is capable of withstanding the impact of a shell of up to 1,157 kg at a top speed of 670 km/h.

Adjacent control room with direct access

The bunker is connected to an adjacent room where all the control cabinets required for equipment testing are installed. Technicians can be physically present in this space whilst tests are being performed.

The control room is connected to the bunker by a narrow four-metre long corridor designed like a “labyrinth” to guarantee operator safety.

The bunker also features a gantry crane with a maximum of 10 tons of handling capacity to deposit and withdraw objects with ease from the top of the enclosure.

The bunker provides access for electricity cables of up to 200 KW at 380V, 1’’ of compressed air, water inlets and outlets for cooling, four points of 220V 5kW lighting and ethernet.