A technology that replaces hospital tests

Fast electro-medical diagnostic equipment for coagulation index monitoring

Did you know that IK4-TEKNIKER has developed, together with iLine Microsystems, a self-contained device for patients undergoing oral anti-coagulation treatment?

The technology centre has developed, together with the biotechnology firm iLine Microsystems, a self-contained fast diagnostic device to monitor blood coagulation indices in patients treated with oral anti-coagulants.

The satisfactory integration of diverse technologies (based on its measuring principle), together with its autonomous, reliable and friendly operation has allowed iLine Microsystems to offer some very competitive advantages which have positioned it as the worldwide leader for this type of equipment regarding performance and business volume.

The developments carried out by iLine Microsystems integrate biochemical processes in a single use plastic base, maintaining levels of efficiency and quality equivalent to traditional laboratory tests and additionally contributing advantages like speed of analysis and low costs.

Specifically, iLine Microsystems designs the chemical reaction and the base where it is going to occur.  After establishing the physical-biochemical base for inspecting the biochemical parameter in question, IK4-TEKNIKER started to work on the conceptual design of the inspection system to be used for this measure, based on prototype phases in which the solutions are bilaterally adapted to the feedback from iLine Microsystems researchers.

The most significant contributions of IK4-TEKNIKER to the iLine Microsystems products came from their specific knowledge in multiple skills like photonics, artificial vision, signal treatment, algorithms or HW-SW communications, as well as the integration of all these toward the construction of a robust and reliable solution. 

In other words, the IK4-TEKNIKER multi-disciplinary team has offered support for developments originating from iLine Microsystems.