LUBMAT 2016 in only one word…

The expert´s view:
by Jesus Terradillos, Director of Technological Services, IK4-TEKNIKER

Some of the participants at the LUBMAT 2016 conference used “only one word” to express their views and explain what this conference had meant for them.

“Opportunity”, “added value”, “networking” are only some of the words uttered to describe the fifth edition of the LUBMAT 2016 conference jointly organised by IK4-TEKNIKER and the Jost Institute for Tribotechnology. This feedback will provide IK4-TEKNIKER with the key elements required to continue and improve the next edition of LUBMAT scheduled for 2018.


The conference brought together 260 professionals from the five continents and featured 100 international lecturers who spoke, amongst other subjects, about how to manage lubrication. Plenary sessions were attended by experts from the field of industrial lubrication. Moreover, an international committee made up of specialists from the world of lubrication evaluated the abstracts submitted during the event.