Fifth edition of the “Collaborating Company Day”

Tekniker organises the fifth edition of the “Collaborative Company Day”

Once again, this year, Tekniker staff was meeting up with the technology centre’s collaborating companies to discuss the activities carried out by the technology centre in 2019 and its plans for the future.

The ties between the technology centre and companies are being reinforced even further in a context in which technological innovation is a must to differentiate your company in a global competitive market.

It is in this context that Tekniker, member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), was holding the 5th edition of the “Collaborating Company Day” to address the centre’s current situation and future plans with the companies that are members of this programme. Discussions were also address issues related to technological innovation actions and how a stable collaboration can be fostered over time.

Seminar programme

The seminar opened with a presentation on Tekniker’s 2019 activities and its management plan for the 2020 fiscal year. This was followed by a visit to the premises and was closed with an open discussion on the potential global context of the coming years, the challenges that each company will have to address and the role that Tekniker must have to play to properly address these challenges.

The seminar closed with a lunch served at the technology centre’s premises.

Please click here to visualise the companies that form part of Tekniker’s Collaborating Companies programme.