A “multipurpose” machining head

The head makes different movements for different types of tools

IK4-TEKNIKER is designing a multi-operation machining tool of a horizontal, slant bed lathe for GMTK.

IK4-TEKNIKER has been collaborating in the design of a multi-operation machining head of a horizontal slant bed lathe model ACCURACER HR800 for the Basque machine-tool company GMTK. The unique feature of this head lies in the fact that it offers a range of movements for different types of tools so it is capable of carrying out complex, milling, turning, drilling and honing operations, among others.

This capability turns this new head, which has been in operation since September at GMTK’s facilities, into a totally innovative piece of equipment on the market, which gives the company a significant competitive edge over other manufacturers.

In fact, its “multipurpose” nature makes it an ideal head for carrying out complex machining work, which together with the type of machine configuration turn the whole unit into a machine particularly suited for machining parts with complex, large-scale machining work, so it has applications in a whole range of sectors like the aircraft, shipbuilding or wind energy sectors.

The range of operations that can be carried out with this head is due to the fact that it not only has a rotation movement of the tool (cutting movement) but also a turning movement of the head itself. What is more, it has a zone for receiving external tools capable of accommodating and controlling not only fixed external tools but also controlled external tools, which enables a whole host of complex operations to be carried out.

The design project, carried out by IK4-TEKNIKER’s Design, Manufacturing and Assembly unit, with broad experience in heads for vertical and horizontal lathes, has also included collaboration in the design of other components and lathe systems. To achieve all this, the R&D centre has used the CAD/CAM Solidworks design tool in addition to various calculation programs.


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