IK4-TEKNIKER presents its Clickindustrial e-commerce platform at IndusMedia

The challenge of creating innovative e-commerce for industrial services

Itziar Cenoz, the IK4-TEKNIKER director for Marketing & Digital Business, presented e-commerce Clickindustrial promoted by the technology centre at the IndusMedia conference. The event took place on October 22 at Orona Ideo’s facilities in Hernani.

On October 22, IK4-TEKNIKER participated in the 9th edition of IndusMedia, a conference on digital marketing for industrial firms organised on annual basis by SPRI, with a presentation describing its e-commerce Clickindustrial platform, a B2B e-commerce for industrial services set up by the technology centre. Itziar Cenoz, the IK4-TEKNIKER director for Marketing & Digital Business was given the task of presenting this innovative project.

More specifically, Clickindustrial is a marketplace where in-house products and services are sold, although it is also open to other third-party industrial offers to generate more traffic, more recurrences and increased data collection.

In this regard, Cenoz explained the major challenge posed by setting up an e-commerce portal at a technology centre. She also explained the organisation’s true motivation with regard to launching a project of these characteristics and later described how the initiative was developed and the different stages covered.

She also underscored that all consumers are becoming increasingly digital and that the regular use of e-commerce in B2B purchases will soon become a reality in Europe.

But in addition to the proposal presented by the technology centre, the 9th edition of this event also made it possible to showcase several initiatives that are currently being carried out by Basque industrial firms to address the digital transformation of the industrial sector.

The conference took place at Orona Ideo’s facilities in Hernani. The first part of the seminar featured Enrique Dans, professor of innovation at the IE Business School followed by Álvaro Peña, from Isocialweb, who addressed digital transformation and web site penalisation, respectively. 

In the section covering case studies, moreover, Patricia Heras (CMZ), Leire Escurza (Medop) and Itziar Cenoz spoke about their personal experience and described a range of opportunities related to digital transformation processes carried out at their companies.

Lastly, and to close the seminar, two workshops took place under the guidance of Iñaki Lecue, from Zorraquino, and Inés Pascual, a professor and researcher at the Higher Polytechnic School of Mondragon Unibertsitatea.

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