IK4-TEKNIKER is introducing an extension to create RSS feeds for the Google Chrome browser

The R&D centre is developing an extension for the Google Chrome browser to enable its customers to conduct technology watch

The application is designed to generate RSS feeds of web pages that do not offer a content syndication service.

As an R&D centre, IK4-TEKNIKER is an organisation whose activity is at the cutting edge of technological innovation. That is why for more than a decade it has been carrying out technology watch work, which is crucial for keeping the organisation’s capabilities updated and in the front line at all times.

But the R&D centre is also providing support to introduce the technology watch process and platform, which it has developed for its customers. Bearing in mind the changing global environment and ongoing process of current innovation, it aims to enable organisations to find out first-hand about all the developments and innovations taking place in their sectors of activity.

In yet another step to expand the potential of this platform, IK4-TEKNIKER researchers have developed an extension for the Google Chrome browser. It is eaSync (Easy Syndication Creator), an extension specifically designed to generate RSS feeds of websites of interest that do not provide this service, and thus enable organisations to monitor the information about the latest innovations.

To obtain it, it just needs to be installed from Google Chrome Store. The extension is free of charge to all users registered in the application.

It aims to enable IK4-TEKNIKER’s customers to take advantage of this extension as a way of increasing their competitiveness by means of timely knowledge over the Internet of the most important information for their needs.

Solving a problem

Today, one of the most widespread tools to automate part of the technology watch process is the use of RSS feeds offered by web pages. Unfortunately, not all web pages have specified these feeds. That is why the Easy Syndication Creator (eaSync) extension for Google Chrome is designed to facilitate the generating of RSS feeds of web pages that do not offer a content syndication service.

Although there are web solutions for creating these feeds, IK4-TEKNIKER has designed its own solution, adapted to the needs of the customers of its technology watch platform. eaSync allows small and medium-sized enterprises to avail themselves of a key tool that does not need experts to use it; the user does not need to know any programming language, because the extension has already been set up, unlike other similar tools existing on the market; it works by means of a straightforward assistant, which means it is accessible to any organisation, irrespective of its size.

Download eaSync extension