AGENDA | 09.03.2016

Lubrication Management organises:

Optimum and reliable transformer operation

March 9 2016

Lubrication Management to host a seminar dealing with optimum and reliable transformer operation

A transformer is the most important piece of equipment in an electric installation, both in terms of cost and economic repercussions in the event of an unexpected contingency, incident or breakdown.

March 9 is the date set by Lubrication Management to present a seminar in Madrid entitled “Optimum and reliable transformer operation”, in the course of which valuable information will be provided to enhance decision-making in terms of maintenance and inspection actions involving transformers that are geared towards achieving higher levels of reliability.

The seminar will answer questions such as the following:

  • What actions can I take to ensure that a transformer will operate in a more reliably? When should I implement any actions of this kind?
  • When can I run electric tests?
  • Which is the most usual approach as regards processing dielectric oil?
  • When can I filter or regenerate? What can I expect in terms of results obtained thanks to these treatments?
  • Is it possible to estimate the residual life cycle of a transformer based on analysing furanes?
  • Are automatic gas analysers reliable?
  • Is stray gassing a significant problem?


The seminar is specifically aimed at technicians and staff dealing with transformer maintenance and operation, maintenance workers, operation technicians and practitioners working in the energy distribution and generation sector.

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