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5th National Metrology Conference 2013

National Metrology Conference 2013
12-14th June 2013 | Madrid (Spain)

IK4-TEKNIKER to sponsor and participate in the 5th National Metrology Conference 2013

IK4-TEKNIKER, which has collaborated for over 20 years with the Spanish Metrology Centre (CEM), will be giving a paper entitled "Aplicación de problemas de modelado inverso a la metrología dimensional" at the fifth National Metrology Conference organised by this entity, which forms part of the Ministry for Industry, Energy and Tourism.

During this event, which will be held in Madrid in June 2013, IK4-TEKNIKER will also present projects and solutions focusing on high-precision verification, measurement and calibration applications.

The technology centre from Eibar will also be sponsoring the event, alongside companies such as Indra, ENAC (the National Certification Agency), CLM (the Madrid Laboratory Centre), Iberdrola and CLH.

The Conference

The conference, which will take place in Madrid on 12, 13 and 14 June 2013, aims (among other things) to raise awareness of the importance of metrology and its implications for industry, R&D and society in general. It also aims to present the very latest advances in metrology and measurement technology and to explore the importance of measurement as a vital tool for ensuring the quality of both products and processes.

To this end, the conference will feature a large number of presentations focusing on key issues within the field of metrology from a scientific, technical and legal standpoint. Road safety, energy efficiency, the environment, nutrition and health will be just some of the main themes analysed by the papers from the perspective of the latest advances in scientific and applied metrology.


Over the course of three days, experts in the field and professionals working in the world of measurement technologies both in industry and in research, will meet and mingle at the Madrid Advanced Technical School of Industrial Engineering to share and exchange knowledge and experience.

Further information

For further information, please visit the conference’s official website: