"Volumetric error map", a new service backed by technological reliability

IK4-TEKNIKER has introduced a new service to specify volumetric error maps for large machines

IK4-TEKNIKER has reinforced its volumetric verification offer with a new service that provides data to show how large machines are behaving, and thus optimize their design or make adjustments.

IK4-TEKNIKER’s Metrology Unit has not only renewed its technological range designed to address the needs of its industrial clients, it has also reinforced its "Machine Tool Verification" offer for large machines with a new service to determine the volumetric error map.

This service, which has recently been incorporated into the centre’s offer, supplies data that allow one to know how large machines are behaving, and to be able to optimize their design or make adjustments mechanically as well as through their own compensation tables.

IK4-TEKNIKER’s volumetric verification offer, revamped with the centre’s move to its new headquarters, is known to the national machine tool sector; this is confirmation of the reliability of the new metrological services offer (calibration of articulated arms, calibration of spline gauges, gear measurements) being made by the R+D centre.

When the usual verification techniques for machine tools are applied, it is not possible to find out, in an efficient way, the errors throughout the device's volume of work. However, by means of the multilateration technique and a piece of measuring equipment, a laser-tracker, IK4-TEKNIKER's revamped service allows errors in straightness, positioning and orthogonality in different parts of the machine to be determined within a very short space of time.

The potential of this service allows machine tool manufacturers to optimize the design of their products. What is more, it is particularly suited to machine tool users as well, because the information provided by the volumetric verification enables the degree of suitability of a particular machine to a specific process to be determined.