"Gear measuring", a new service to contribute value to industry

IK4-TEKNIKER sets up a specific "Gear Measuring" service for manufacturers and users of gears in the industrial sphere

The service consists of measuring gears exactly to obtain all the necessary parameters, and thus rule out errors and poor positioning.

The revamping of the services being offered by IK4-TEKNIKER's Metrology Unit has resulted in the setting up of a new specific "Gear Measuring" service designed for manufacturers and users of gears in the industrial sphere, in particular.

The new service involving the precise measuring of gears with straight and helicoidal teeth makes it possible to obtain all the necessary parameters to determine whether the gear meets the established precision requirements and thus ensure that it functions properly. In other words, this service enables errors and poor positioning of the gears to be ruled out, an advance that aims to prevent costs caused by lack of precision.

The market is relentlessly demanding better performance from gear transmissions: more speed, less noise, more dependability, etc. This growing demand is calling for manufacturing with greater precision levels. The verification of the different components ensures that the manufacturer meets all the required precision requirements. And it ensures that the user can avoid problems once the components are put into operation.

The R+D centre's metrological services are providing a new specialist verification service designed to contribute increasing value to the companies that use industrial machinery.

Thanks to the high precision tools that IK4-TEKNIKER's Metrology Unit is equipped with, the new Gear Measuring service can provide companies with greater precision levels so that they can effectively handle the specifications required of them.