Maintenance, a key element in measuring systems in use

Industrial maintenance of measuring systems and dimensional templates

The adopting of preventive and maintenance measures addresses the aim of creating products of greater quality by obviating the need for inspections during and after manufacture. For this purpose, IK4-TEKNIKER is using various techniques that enable the correct maintenance of measuring systems in use to be guaranteed and managed.

Nearly all companies, whatever their size, have industrial maintenance needs in their measuring systems and dimensional templates that they use at their facilities to ensure the exact content of their products.

That is why companies need to have dependable measuring systems that ensure good results, and so their equipment needs to be periodically reviewed.

Through the quality system deployed, organisations register the measuring systems that are in use and the calibration frequency they need to undergo in order to guarantee that the equipment is in a good state.

IK4-TEKNIKER offers the industrial sector a range of services that allow the correct maintenance of the measuring systems in use to be guaranteed and managed.

Firstly, the calibration and integral management of the calibration plan of the dimensional measuring templates and systems is carried out. This service is regarded as outsourcing as the company delegates the management completely by carrying out the monitoring through a piece of software developed by IK4-TEKNIKER and adapted to the company’s equipment (history of calibrations, record cards of the various equipment, recording of the calibration results, etc.).

The dimensional maintenance of the production means, of machine tools (MT), is also offered. IK4-TEKNIKER is capable of verifying and calibrating various aspects like the physical geometry of a machine, error in levelling, error in positioning and repeatability.

In the case of accurate, complex measuring systems, such as coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), as an ENAC-accredited metrology laboratory, IK4-TEKNIKER offers the possibility of having this equipment calibrated and certified with this national accreditation.

To measure the geometric error of MTs and CMMs throughout their volume, IK4-TEKNIKER has set up a new service which applies technology based on interferometry using laser tracer and laser tracker; this allows one to know by means of sequential multilateration the 21 components of geometric error of a machine throughout its volume by making use of a single measuring system.

What is more, if the error of the machine is known, there is a possibility of generating volumetric compensation files that can be incorporated into the monitoring to correct the error in the machine and thus improve its performance, and all of this makes for interferometric precision.