Laser solutions à la carte for the automotive and other industrial sectors

A service geared towards companies that use high-power lasers

IK4-TEKNIKER has designed a customizable offer comprising three laser-beam characterisation and diagnostic services; they include the measuring of spectral width, the measuring of power and the positioning of the focal plane.

Companies in the automotive sector are already familiar with IK4-TEKNIKER’s laser beam characterization and diagnostic service, which enables companies to measure beam parameters on their own premises and thereby guarantee quality and cost management through proper maintenance.

Companies belonging to the Basque Country’s business base in which the automotive industry has a considerable specific weight are increasingly incorporating power lasers into their production processes, not only for cutting and welding applications but also for surface treatments (texturizing, hardening, etc.).

That is why IK4-TEKNIKER has now designed a range of solutions that include the measuring of spectral width and wavelength as well as the measuring of laser power and focal plane position. The R&D centre has designed an à la carte offer in which companies can select from a range of services to obtain the solution that best fits their needs.

Bearing in mind how valuable it is for companies to be able to show their customers that their laser systems are operating in optimum conditions, the service for characterizing and diagnosing laser beams allows measurements of the beam parameters that feature in the most common lasers on the market (diode, Nd:YAG, CO2, fibre, disc, etc.) to be carried out in situ right on the company's premises.

The R+D centre is thus putting into the hands of its clients a tool that will enable them to diagnose possible faults in the beam’s optical path (dirt, damage to the optics, problems of misalignment, etc.) as well as the functioning of the laser itself. It is a service geared towards companies that use high power lasers mainly for cutting, welding and heat treatment applications.