The sports world gathers

IK4-TEKNIKER hosts the event “3K: Programme to improve sports organisations” organised by EUSKALIT

The event set out to reward the sporting organisations that have stood out for their effective management.

On 15 November the 6th edition of the event “3K: Programme to improve sports organisations” was held on the facilities of IK4-TEKNIKER. It was organised by EUSKALIT, the Basque Foundation for Excellence, in collaboration with the Charter Provincial Councils of Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia and Araba. Its aim: to reward sporting organisations that have stood out for their effective management.

The event, which is part of the 19th European Week on Quality and Excellence, included various papers and a roundtable discussion on corporate social responsibility in the sports sector and in general. It was attended by the Athletic Club Foundation, the Real Sociedad foundation, the S.D. Eibar Foundation and the management of IK4-TEKNIKER, which collaborates with EUSKALIT.

Afterwards, the awards were presented to the sports organisations and companies in Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia and Araba which have achieved the basic and advanced levels in the “3K programme” –Kudeaketa, Kirola eta Kalitatea– (Management, Sports and Quality).

The participants in the event also had the chance to see IK4-TEKNIKER’s facilities through a virtual visit.

European Quality Week

The European Quality Week held in November every year all over the European Union is a meeting point that brings together events to promote and spread Advanced Management throughout Europe.

With this year’s slogan, which is “Advanced Management, the key element in competitiveness, sustainable development, well-being, social commitment, solidarity, cohesion…”, EUSKALIT is seeking to bring closer to the general public the vast array of possibilities existing in the Basque Autonomous Community for learning from the best experiences in these matters; the reason is that there are a large number of organisations which have received awards and recognition in these aspects of management.